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Secure notes.


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Sign up and use NoteTin absolutely free. No credit card required, and better still - no third party adverts!


Save and hide notes

Create notes and lists for any use; From a house moving to-do list, to just today's shopping list.


Encrypted notes

Use our key based cyphers to securely encrypt your notes. Your notes are useless without a key.


Code and markup

Easily save your snippets of code and markup files. Save CSS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, C#, etc.


Web addresses

Got a list of website URLs to hide from everything and everyone? Create private bookmarks lists.


Share your notes

Easily show your friend that awesome C# code you just wrote! Create public URLs for your notes.


Any device

Designed for the mobile world - access your notes from any device (with an internet connection).

Anywhere, any time.

On-demand notes and bookmarks, on any device - anywhere.

Mobile users* can access their notes and bookmarks on the go. Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. NoteTin is designed to work on everything.

* Modern touch screen devices.

Securely save notes and lists


All communication to NoteTin is over SSL/HTTPS to our lightweight custom application sitting on security hardened hosting. Perfect for:

  • A list of password reminders
  • A secret list of Birthday or Christmas presents
  • To-do lists you don't want others to see
Free to sign up

Free to sign up

It's free and easy to create an account and make your first note or bookmark folder.

  • 100% free
  • Create up to 20 private note pages
  • Share public notes with friends or family
  • Store 50 private web addresses
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